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Walking Street is synonymous with Pattaya, when you think about Pattaya, Walking Street is the first thing that comes to mind. It is notoriously famous for girls, drinking bars and ago goes.



WALKING Street is located at the very south end of Beach Road, Where the road veers sharply to the left, with a gigantic television screen flashing advertisements and the words “Walking Street” hanging over the entrance, it is really hard to miss. This is your gateway or portal to another world.

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By day, Walking Street is a seemingly boring, unimpressive Soi with nothing much happening except vans making deliveries of food and drinks, but as the sun goes down Walking Street transforms into a neon paradise of pleasure, a virtual circus of entertainment to bombard your senses, if you have never been to Walking Street before, trust me, after your first stroll into Sin City, you will never forget it.


There are two Walking Street signs, one at each end, Beach Road  and Bali Hai, and the distance between the two is about 700 meters and what lays along that 700 meter street is possibly the best adult night time hotspot in the world!

There are other entrances into Walking Street, small Soi’s such as – Soi Diamond, Soi Lucky Star and Soi 15 & 16 and others weave around like a maze, and all connect to 2nd Rd, these should also be explored because some of Walking Street’s best venues are tucked away out of sight down these Soi’s.

Walking Street and the adjoining Soi’s are a bit of a rabbits warren or maze that takes up about ½ a square kilometre in area, so there is lots to see and do, the whole place  is jammed packed with bars, Ago go’s, restaurants, convenience stores, entertainment Venues and Hotels. It will take you a full week of exploration to fully get yourself orientated with the layout of the whole area.


Walking Streets big draw card is its Night Life and sexy available girls, and you know, business is good with somewhere between 3000 and 20,000 girls working in the area at any one time and depending on the time of the year,  high season or low season.

From casual open air beer bars to full on live audience participation shows Walking Street has it all, and is known as the Disneyland for adults.

There is a girl or two for every guy.


Most of the year Walking Street is full of tourist, sightseers and expats from all over the world enjoying the spectacle that Walking Street provides, Walking Street will entertain you even if you’re not participating in the girl action, one of the most popular pass times in Walking Street is people watching, Walking Street is like a catwalk for – Ladyboys, street walkers, buskers, street performers, drama Queens, animal handlers, street hawkers, beauty queens, try-hards and wannabe’s. Just find a comfy seat somewhere, sit back and enjoy the show.


Walking Street is also home to some of the best Thai seafood restaurants in Pattaya and provides a very enjoyable outside dining experience on a jetty type seating area over the water of Pattaya bay, the mix of Thai Spices and cool ocean breezes heightens your senses and anticipation of the culinary delights the chefs are preparing for you and the food will be served and eaten under the open moonlit sky, with traditional Thai music playing quietly in the background, is a must do on your Pattaya trip.


Walking Street has become pretty expensive place to drink over the years, sure you can still find places that don’t charge $5 for a beer but they are disappearing, which is why having so many family marts and 7/11’s on Walking Street is a blessing, when you need time out and a cheap bottle of water or beer, there they are, serving you what you need with no exorbitant mark ups for basic products and goods. So keep them in mind when walking around.


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