Eating is one of life’s great pleasures, and in Pattaya, it’s all about pleasure and appetites, so it’s a good thing that Thai street food is everywhere in Pattaya.

24 hrs a day, food is available on the streets of Pattaya for as little as 5 Baht for a satay stick, so it’s not surprising that a city, with so much excitement and energy, needs so much food available to keep it running.


A lot of people seem to be put off a little bit from trying Thai street food because of the fear of food poisoning, and let’s face it, mobile food stalls can look a bit dodgy and unhygienic, but the truth is , well we are a over protected in the west and too paranoid about food bugs, my personal experience of living in Pattaya for many years and eating Pattaya street food almost daily in that time, I can honestly say, I have never been sick from eating food from street stalls, no, not once.


Just because I have never been sick from eating street food, doesn’t mean that nobody gets food poisoning from eating it, the fact is many people do get sick because they really just make a bad decision about where and what to eat when out and about. Some simple rules to go by are –

Buy from where the locals buy

The locals know who sells good food and who doesn’t so if you see a vendor selling lots of food items to locals, it’s a pretty safe bet you will be fine.

Check the food looks fresh and colourful

That’s right, don’t just jump in and scoff down the first thing you see, pause and check that the meat looks fresh and the vegetables and fruits are crisp with good  bright colours.

Stick to the normal stuff

While eating worms, frogs and scorpions maybe a great spur of the moment to do for a laugh and a bit of a novelty to impress your friends, but these are one of the foods that you just don’t know how long the little critter’s  have been sitting around for in the tray, while bugs are a nutritious food and a good source of protein, eating an old bug that that you are not familiar with, makes it hard to know if it’s bad, after all, it may be the first time you’ve tried it and the strange taste in your mouth could be questionable as to whether or not you should actually swallow it.



Thai’s love to eat, a lot, and street food is cheap and delicious,  the selection to choose from is immense, fruits, vegetables, grilled meats, soups, ice creams, pancakes,  drinks, BBQ whole fish,  salads, rice dishes, noodles, sausages, fried chicken and insects just to name a few, and the menu on the street changes to suit the time of day.



Pattaya never sleeps, so breakfast starts early, before the sun is up, yes at 5-6 am, you will find many street vendors moving around, cooking and selling food to people who are on their way to work or who have just finished work, the monks come out collecting alms and blessing people and the day springs to life again.

Some popular breakfast food items include

Jok – rice porridge

Deep fried bread doe

Fried chicken and sticky rice

Egg omelette and rice

Jelly ball and soy milk drinks

Pork on a stick

Chicken hearts and liver

Deep fried battered banana and pineapple

Grilled bananas



As the day heats up, so does the food, and it’s time to make thing a bit spicy, I’m not sure why, but Thai’s like to put so much chilli in their food that their eyes run with tears and they hyperventilate like crazy, they eat enough chilli in one meal that the average western might eat in 1 year, they love chilli!

So here are some popular lunch time menu items

Som tarm – a super spicy papaya salad which I would say is the true national dish.

Spicy chicken feet and noodles, yes chicken feet are very popular boiled or grilled.

Grilled whole fish and rice.

Boiled chicken and rice.

Noodle soup with chicken, duck, pork or beef.

Green and red curries.

BBQ meat balls, and sweet and spicy sauce.

Green mango and salty and sour seasoning.

Mango, rice and coconut cream.

Cut fruits



Street food in Pattaya gets interesting at night and when most of the push carts are on the move, bringing their tasty morsels to where the people are, staying a while, then moving on when sales subside or the police come to chase them off, one of the great things about Pattaya is that when you sit put, Pattaya still will come to you, you don’t have to run around looking for food, just find somewhere comfortable to sit and wait, the food vendors will start to pass by.

So here are some popular evening time menu items

Grilled meats, sausages, fish, hot dogs, satay sticks and meatballs, Thai’s love to BBQ

Most rice dishes savoury and spicy


All types of soups

Fried noodles



Pies and sausage rolls

Insects and bugs

Ice cream sandwiches

BBQ seafood, prawns, squid, fish and crabs

Hot or iced coffee

Fried potato balls and chips

Sundried, salty fried pork strips.

Deep fried battered chicken

Desserts, cakes and pastries



If you want to try authentic Thai food, then forget the fancy expensive restaurants, Thai street food is where it’s at, this is what the Thai’s in Pattaya eat, these are the flavours of Thailand and you should not miss the opportunity to try the many food items on offer and get real Thai perspective on your Pattaya holiday.

So eat up, try as much Pattaya street food as you can, you will love the taste and the price.




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