Russian cut in half in horrific road crash in Jomtien


Russian dies in horrific road crash in Jomtien.

A 33 year old Russian was killed in a high speed road crash on Jomtien Second Road on Monday Night.  Police and rescue services were called to the scene of the crash just before 8.30pm and were met with a disturbing crash scene. The body of the Russian had been torn into two pieces after he was thrown through the air and hit a street pylon.

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The victim was driving a Kawasaki 750cc rented motorbike. In front of him was a Honda City, driven by Khun Duenjai aged 24 and a Motorbike Taxi, driven by Khun Bagan aged 32, who sustained minor injuries but was sent to Hospital as a precaution.

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Witnesses, including the driver of the Honda City, explained how the Russian approached at a high rate of speed in the left lane of the carriageway and overtook the slower moving car. He then cut back into the left lane after the overtake but failed to see the motorbike taxi in front of the car. A collision took place where the Russian was thrown from his bike and hit a street pylon side-on. This caused his body to be torn into two pieces.   Khun Deunjai was detained by Police for a time and Police will question the motorbike taxi driver when he is fit to be seen. The Russian Embassy is aware of the crash and of the findings of the initial investigation which seem to point to the Russian victim being responsible for the crash.


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