Tourist Survival Guide For Pattaya

There is no question about it, when it comes to party central, Pattaya is the undisputed heavy weight champ, you are virtually guaranteed to have a good time in Pattaya!  Girls, beer, food, beaches, a go-go’s, motorbikes, shopping, everything you could ever want is here, that’s why Pattaya is known as the Disneyland for adults, paradise on earth, Sin City, it’s the best!

Is Pattaya safe?

Yes, on the whole, Pattaya is pretty safe and a friendly place to visit, you will most likely not have a problem and have an incident and care free holiday in Pattaya.

But even in Pattaya, dreams can come undone, and a fairytale holiday can turn into a nightmare, and does, every day, for some unsuspecting tourists in Pattaya. Thai’s on the whole are a pretty honest lot, but like everywhere, you have your bad eggs, and there is no shortage of bad eggs in Pattaya, because of the huge amount of money entering the city, Pattaya attracts some very unscrupulous characters to say the least, chasing easy money and a fast lifestyle at someone else’s expense and there are a number of scams that are repeated over and over daily in Pattaya.

So here are some tips to keeping your money and valuables out of the hands of those who would profit from you.

  • Be aware that A.T.M’s may have skimmers installed
  • Never accept food or drink from someone you have just met or known for a short time
  • When riding in the back of a baht bus keep your hands on your money
  • Don’t wear gold or expensive jewelry around Pattaya
  • Never hand over your passport as security when renting a a car or motor bike
  • Be aware that internet cafes may have key loggers
  • Avoid over affectionate Ladyboys that pass you in the street
  • Don’t buy drugs from a stranger
  • Don’t get into an argument or fight with a Thai
  • Don’t do any shopping at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
  • Be careful with automotive repairs
  • Two tear pricing


These are the most common scams that will occur on you Pattaya’s holiday, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Take care.

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