Low season and High season are the names that Locals businesses and Hoteliers use to describe the number of tourist arrivals staying in Pattaya.

Busy time (High Season) and the quiet times (Low Season)


High season and low season in Pattaya are basically decided by climate, with high season, being the start of November to the end of January in the cooler, fairer, months and low season being from February to the end of October, during the hot, humid and rainy months.


High season temperatures are modest with day time temps around 29 degree’s Celsius and night time lows getting to 23 degrees Celsius. Average daily humidity is around 65 – 70%.

Low season temperatures are high with daily average around 33 degrees Celsius, but get as high as 38 or more, night time averages are around 25 – 28 degrees Celsius, humidity is high at around 77% and up and can be quite uncomfortable for some people.


High season also mean that holidays in Pattaya cost more due to competition for rooms, hotels in Pattaya will for a short time, during high season, raise the price of accommodation by up to 100% or more during the Christmas and new year periods. The girls in Pattaya will also raise their prices as more men arrive who seek their services.


It’s hard to estimate but tourist numbers swell over December – January period and there are at least a 1/2 million visitors in Pattaya at any one time over these months and walking into a hotel or guesthouse looking for accommodation at this time will most likely be fruitless and it best to book in advance long before your holiday to Pattaya.


Low season in Pattaya is hot and muggy, it is rainy season in Thailand, monsoon season, typhoon season in Asia. Humidity levels rise to unbearable levels until it rains, most people seek the comfort of a good air conditioning system and if out and about don’t venture to far from a shopping mall that has an air-con systems blasting away, the tourist numbers start to dry up and hotels struggle to fill vacant rooms and lots of hotel and guesthouse rooms are advertised at discount rates and promotions. Most of the girls go home, back to the village and the ones that stay start to struggle to make ends meet and results in cheaper prices for services.


Crime seem to be more wide spread in Pattaya as those without money get desperate and take more chances, bag snatches, pick pocketing and jewellery grabs are common. Drugging is also a common theme, Crime in low season is not rampant, and chances are you will have a crime free holiday and not be victimized, just be aware that it happens.


Pattaya is good to come to any time of the year for a fun holiday,it s pretty hard not to have a good time in Pattaya, so it is really up to each person what type of weather you prefer and what you can handle. so get on it and book a flight.

Enjoy Pattaya.



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