Want to catch the bus from Pattaya to Phuket?
Then check out this map for the exact location in north Pattaya.


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The 777 bus is the direct bus from Pattaya to Phuket, the bus station is located on north Pattaya rd, on the right as you head east towards Sukhumvit rd.

2 buses leave daily at 6 pm and it takes at least 12 – 14 hrs to make the 1009 km trip, the bus is modern and comfortable and you will be able to sleep most of the way.

The bus stops at about the half way mark at Chumphon, where you will get half an hour to eat and stretch your legs before continuing on.

The bus will arrive at the new Phuket bus station a few km’s north of old Phuket town where you will have to catch another bus or take a taxi to your next destination

The bus station north of Old Phuket Town is where you catch the bus back to Pattaya.

Ticket cost 920 Baht for standard seat.

Ticket cost 1,226 baht for V.I.P. seat

To check for seating and make a booking, call –

Telephone 082 398 1777



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