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Welcome to Walking Street Pattaya, you have found the portal to your own personal SIN CITY, YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.


It’s really hard to tell people about Pattaya and Walking Street if they have never been here, simply, because –

  • It’s unbelievable
  • It’s unreal

They just don’t believe what you tell them because it is so far away from the reality of their lives, tell someone about your “Walking Street experience”, ( it will be a long story) and they will look at you with a blank stare on their face, they will be thinking – “this guy’s lost the plot” they will think you are just making this stuff up, after all, it sounds like a Hollywood movie, in fact the movie – “the Hang Over 2” is not really far from the mark, and could possible represent just a normal day in Pattaya.


Ground zero for all this madness is Walking Street, ½ a square kilometre of carnal lust and deviate behaviour, a zoo of fleshly delights and unleashed passions, the animals are out and its feeding time.

Walking Street is a menagerie, a catwalk, rock concert, meat market, sports arena, magic show, comedy sitcom, neon light extravaganza, dressed in hot pants, heels and miniskirts, served on a silver platter, with a side dish of Viagra.


Nobody ever really stops after one trip to Pattaya, it’s addictive, life changing, in fact, you, like so many before, may have trouble readjusting back to your old life back home after just a few short days in Sin City. Pattaya withdrawal symptoms are quite normal and going cold turkey after spending night after memorable night in Walking Street, is something nobody enjoys, you will find that you will be thinking about Pattaya and Walking Street every waking moment, you won’t be able to concentrate on work, school, your business, you will sit, staring into space after a couple of weeks, wondering if it was all just a wild dream, did it really happen? You know it did, so, you book another flight, straight back for more, and so begins a lifetime cycle.


The lure of Walking Street is every man’s dream come true –

Cheap Beer and beautiful, available, hot women!

Men come to Walking Street like lambs to the slaughter, they fall at the feet of these Thai goddesses and throw money away like its nothing, all common sense gets left at the airport like a lost bag to be collected later, your brain turns off its logic function and you start taking orders from the more primitive part of the brain, your needs become very basic –



So you think you like to party and you’re going to DO Walking Street, yeah right, ha ha ha, it’s not going to happen, Walking Street is Going to do you! it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done before, Walking Street will chew you up and spit you out in a week flat and send you butt home in a sling, wandering WTF just happened, the biggest party animals all go down sooner, rather than later in Walking Street. The best advice is to pace yourself, a holiday in Pattaya is more like a marathon than a sprint, so take your time and don’t wreck yourself, the bars and girls will still be here tomorrow and any down time is a waste, the last thing you want is to look like a pussy in front of your mates when you don’t want to go out and hit it hard again.


From the moment you enter Walking Street, you are bombarded with lights, music, girls calling to you, your head swivels from left to right as some new sight demands your immediate attention, it takes about 3 seconds for some Thai guy to show you photo’s of a ping pong show and offers to take you there, people are moving in every direction and the smell of Thai food, cheap perfume and stale beer fills you nostrils. Strange looking people with beautiful women are everywhere and you can’t stop smiling because all the girls are checking you out, some guy tries to put a 6 foot python around your neck and take a photo for you and then you walk around a triple amputee begging for money, lying in the street, you put 20 Baht in his box. You can’t get past the crowd who are watching a street magician dressed like a cowboy doing amazing tricks and right next door is a 8 year old contortionist tied in a knot. You hear your favourite Metallica song being belted out by a bunch of Thai metal heads who can’t sing English, at 90 decibels, while you pass by a bar and that’s when a 6 foot, 85 kg Ladyboy with 36 DD slides up besides you, takes your arm and say “I like you, I have room”, you politely refused her offer and make it to the windmill Ago go, there you have a few drinks and enjoy all the live action on your table top, later you head into Insomnia night club or  iBar and pick yourself up a stunner or a 10, you bar fine her, then head out again, maybe to X-zone for some more depravity, about 4 am, you stumble into J.P. bar in Soi Lucky Star, where the last of the crazies are still going hard, you take it all in for the last few drinks before heading back to your room for some exercise and sleep.

Next morning after more mattress aerobics you say good bye to your stunner, who strangely doesn’t look so stunning anymore and head down to McDonalds for a healthy brunch and 3 coffees with your mates, you trade stories and plan the day’s activities, ready to do it all again.


There are so many places to go and see in Walking Street, so do some research before you come to Pattaya of all the places you want to see and go, make a list and stick to the plan, it gets so easy to do the same thing every night and while you will still have a great time, its best to change locations and girls every night, that will open up your options and experience and harden you up a bit.


Keep an eye on your drinks tab, known as your Bin, Bin Padding is Riff in Walking Street

Don’t wipe yourself out, being Paralytic anywhere is not a good thing, waking up with no passport, no money and no credit card spells disaster.

Change your girl daily and don’t fall in love, a friend told me – “prostitutes are not meant to be used as wives”.

So what are you waiting for? Check your calendar and book your flight and room, and I’ll see you when you get here.



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