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35 places to stay in or around Walking Street

Think staying in Walking Street is expensive?  Well think again, you can get a cheap room for less than 500 Baht a night if you look around.

Staying in Walking Street is cheaper than you might think and it’s a small price to pay to stay right in the heart of the action with your finger on the pulse of one of the most exciting streets in the world.

The choice of where you can stay in Walking Street range from simple guesthouses, apartments, ago go’s (yes, that’s right, you can stay at ago go’s – 1. Galaxy Suites / HeavenAbove – 2. Secrets ), and hotels, all the way up to 4 ½ star resort, so there is something for everyone and every taste.

Rooms at the Night Star Guesthouse start from a crazy 390 Baht in low season and 590 Baht for the same room in high season which looks to be quiet clean and comfortable. There are many rooms available in or close to Walking Street for around a 1000 Baht per night and anything between 1000 – 2000 Baht per night will be very comfortable indeed and will have everything you could want in modern services and facilities.

Just about all rooms are girl friendly and won’t charge you anything if you have a female guest visit you in your room for a while.

Prices and availability are subject to change depending on the time of year, high season or low season, with the best deals and availability in low season, prices can double over high season and it will be difficult to find a room without an advanced booking.


InPattaya.Org strongly suggests that if you are planning to stay in Walking Street over the December – January period, that you book at least 3 months ahead of your planned stay to avoid disappointment!


Check out this map for all room, hotel, and guesthouse locations in and around Walking Street.

View Walking Street accomadation in a larger map


So where to stay near Walking Street?

Here is the list of available Hotels around Walking Street

To find a room

Click on Hotel name to view details –



At Sea Residence [usr=2]

Honey Lodge [usr=3]

Tip Place Guesthouse [usr=1.5]

Grand Hotel [usr=3]

Secrets Ago go [usr=3]

Night Star bar and Guesthouse [usr=1.5]

Nin bar and Guesthouse [usr=.5]

Henry Apartments [usr=1]

Encore Hotel [usr=1]

Sophon Court Guesthouse [usr=1]

Greenview Apartment [usr=2]

White Inn [usr=1.5]

Best Corner Bar [usr=1.5]

Diamond Beach Hotel [usr=3]

Galaxy Suites [usr=2.5]

Swiss Restaurant and Guesthouse [usr=1]

CK Hotel [usr=1]

Marine Plaza Hotel [usr=1]

Marine Mansion [usr=1]

Abunawas Resort and Hotel [usr=.5]

P 72 Hotel [usr=2]

P.N. Inn [usr=1.5]

White Rose 1 Hotel [usr=1.5]

Top Thai Hotel [usr=1.5]

Cherry Lodge [usr=3]

White Rose 2 Hotel [usr=1.5]

Roo Bar and Guesthouse [usr=.5]

Jasmine Hotel [usr=2]

Royal B.J. Hotel [usr=1.5]

Pattaya Inn [usr=1.5]

Vipa Guesthouse [usr=.5]

Right Spot Inn [usr=.5]

La Fontaine Hotel [usr=2]

Windy Inn Hotel [usr=2]

Siam Bayshore Hotel [usr=4.5]



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