Soi 6 Girls and Ladyboys Pattaya




If you’re feeling a little down then the girls from Soi 6  will tease, stroke, massage your EGO until it is standing tall and screaming ‘It’s time to party’! ‘Bring it on!”



The bar Girls and Ladyboys of Soi 6 will be some of the most enthusiastic of all the adult areas in Pattaya, and walking up and down this Soi may require some audience participation. Alcohol and live karaoke parties with songs from Esan will fuel the girls into a frenzy.  Cries of Handsome man, Sexy man and an assortment of sexual profanities fill the airways and you may be demanded to perform some act on a willing volunteer as you pass by.



Things you have never had anyone say to you before can be hurled at you at high volume and close range by a tiny girl in big heels or by a broad range of colourful characters waiting outside the bars and ago go’s.  It’s a lot of fun in Soi 6 and of course it all depends on what time of the day and how charged up the girls are when you get there, as to what kind of reception you will receive.



Girls dress in a range of styles, costumes and themes, from the ordinary to the most over the top femme fatale fantasy wear, and the Ladyboys pull out all the stops and use the Soi as their personal catwalk strutting their stuff in hot competition for the best moves and the most attention. Whatever fetish you may have or fantasy symbol that turns you on, someone fitting the bill will most likely jump out and grabs you, then pull you back to a bar for a drink and introduction.



The best times to go are between sundown and 9pm, when the energy levels are all high and the party is firing up. Soi 6 is a must see, at least once, during your stay in Pattaya, even if it’s just a quick walk through from one end to the other, just to say you’ve been there, for others, well, it’s the only place to be, their home, a roller coaster ride to a  wild adventure in the crazy zone.



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