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Lolita’s in Pattaya is a household word, it is one of the most famous iconic establishments that everyone knows about.

Soi LK Metro

For many years, Lolita’s was located in Soi LK Metro, under the big sign that nobody could miss, but alas, for what ever reason, it was decided to pack up close the doors, to the disappointment of us all, but Lolita’s made a come back and today the sign is a bit smaller and located on Soi Chaiyapoon about 500 meters away and although the location has changed, the service is still the same.

The Ladies

There are about 12 women working at Lolitas Pattaya, all different ages and sizes, the ladies of Lolita’s in Pattaya are not know for their good looks or sexy figures, what they are known for is their specialization in giving patrons oral pleasure and massages, lolita’s is a low key venue to chill out at and enjoy the company of some friendly Thai ladies who like to have a good time.


Very similar to Bliss Lounge, Lolita’s is a gentleman’s club where you can go and relax with a cold beer, a bite to eat and a game of pool with a mate or one of the girls. Downstairs has a sports bar feel to it having pool table, TV’s, restaurant, dart board and bar with a bit of music playing in the background. Upstairs there are rooms available where you can get a Thai, foot or oil massage for about 200 Baht and if you require different services, you can take a room for a hour with a bit of privacy for about 500 Baht all inclusive.


Lolita’s in Soi Chaiyapoon is not so easy to find anymore since moving from Soi LK Metro and you could easily walk or ride your motorbike past it without knowing noticing it as you go by, the sign is a bit smaller and the venue itself is long, but the shopfront is quit narrow, look to the right as your about halfway down Soi Chiayapoon heading towards 3rd rd, sometimes the girls will call out to you sometimes they won’t, so keep your eyes peeled.


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