Ladyboys of Pattaya



Ladyboys are a major curiosity in Pattaya for newbies, The first time you see a V8, supercharged, all terrain, Man-eater cruising down Walking Streetin 8 inch heels, is a bit like going to the zoo and seeing a fully grown Siberian Tiger secured on a chain for the first time, it’s scary and exciting, but at the same time you don’t want to get to close just in case the tiger ‘gets you’.


The Man-eater Ladyboys of Pattaya are often dressed very provocatively and are often, but not always, much more  verbally, physically and sexually aggressive than their female counterparts. Not shy to tell you what they want to do to you, they are direct and to the point and refreshingly vulgar in their choice of words.  They promise you 100% satisfaction and always have a room available close by if you want to walk on the wild side.  If you like to party both ways, then you’ll be in heaven in Pattaya where you can have the best of both worlds.

Spotting a Ladyboy


Identifying a Ladyboy is not as easy as you may think at first and many don’t realize until they get their hot date back to their room that a mistake has been made.  Often if you are not sure about the true gender of your potential companion, you can just ask, most of the time they will just tell you straight up that they are a Ladyboy.  Others start to believe their own B.S. telling you that they are a lady when it is obvious that they are not, justifying their statement on the grounds that their male genitals have been removed and surgically altered to look like those of a woman’s.

The clues to look for are numerous, but the most obvious are these-

  • Broad muscular shoulder’s (Proportional)
  • A narrow waste
  • A Adams apple
  •  A big square jaw line
  • Low body fat and muscular physic
  • Strange sounding voice (trying to sound feminine).
  • Bulges in the underwear (they wear short dresses, Haha).
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Thailand has a high percentage of lady boys, every single city or town that I have been too has a population of Ladyboys, Kathoey’s (pronounced KaaToy’s) in Thai. Pattaya has many ladyboy hotspots all around the city and virtually every bar will have one.  Being a Ladyboy in Thailand is not taboo, it is generally accepted in Thai society and you can find them anywhere, in any occupation, they are the third gender and span the gap between men and women.

There seems to be 4 types of Ladyboys in Thai society

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The home grown garden variety
  • The normal everyday Ladyboy, is just a simple soul who doesn’t want to bother anyone who just doesn’t  feel happy living as a man, has altered their appearance slightly, either with makeup, a nice hair style or clothing and prefers to go about their daily lives, working, resting and socializing as a woman.  They are usually gentle souls who feel they are women inside a man’s body, some physically look feminine and some appear masculine, but they all feel much more at ease with themselves when they are free to express themselves in the manner they choose.
The experimentee’s
  • The next group are much the same as the first group with the exception that they are starting to make the physical transition from man to woman.  They start to have minor cosmetic surgery to soften their features and give themselves some curves in the right places. Many start with the addition of breast implants or nose jobs but still retain their male genitalia.
The Beauty Queen
  • The next group take their appearance and persona to the next level, these Ladyboys are flawless and can be very delicate and beautiful, often spending large sums of money to obtain the best cosmetic surgeons available to achieve and maintain their looks, some, often competing in Beauty contests and are in high demand as models and hostesses, it is very hard to tell them apart from their natural born counter parts.

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The Man Eater
  • The Man-eaters are the Ladyboys who you find anywhere in the bars or on the beach, dressed to the nines, flirting outrageously at times with those passing by, in an effort to secure a client or two for the night’s entertainment.

A Word of Warning.

Remember- no matter how hard a Man-eater Ladyboy tries to present themselves as delicate little flowers, THEY ARE MEN! And they are strong and in excellent physical condition, they take the hormone oestrogen to make them more feminine, but the drug also makes them emotionally unstable. Their body compensates with the oversupply of Estrogen by producing more testosterone which gives them a very muscular and lean physic, some could walk straight into a body building contest and do well.

Often seen in the company of Middle Eastern men, these steroid and alcohol charge glamazons can go from 0 – crazy in under 2 seconds and if offended or provoked can attack in packs and are responsible for hundreds of assaults, drugging and robberies every year. Their weapon of choice is their high heel shoe, often striking their victims with the pointy heel to the side or back of the head, causing a deep and bloody laceration.

Take care.

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