The Jet Ski scam is perhaps the longest running and most dangerous scam for tourist in Pattaya, and is responsible for ruining more holidays in Pattaya than anything else.


Daily on beach rd and other locations around Pattaya, the Jet Ski scam is rampant amongst holiday makers in Pattaya, and despite local government and law force authorities promising to put an end to this blight on Pattaya’s name and reputation for many years now, nothing has been done to protect tourist from the criminal and thuggish behaviour of some of the local jet ski operators on Pattaya beaches.

No happy holiday memories here.

No happy holiday memories here.


Most of the jet ski’s for hire in Pattaya are old and flogged out and usually have damage done to the under carriage of the jet ski already, usually caused by the jet ski owners themselves, abusing their own property.

The damage usually consists of a scratch in the paint work, a dent in a panel or some small part that is easy to break and has had a dodgy repair made to it that is designed to fail again. The damage is not easy to see for an unsuspecting or unobservant tourist who just wants to take an innocent and fun ride out on the bay.

The tourist hires the Jet Ski for 10 minutes or maybe longer, but doesn’t notice or points out the damage that the Jet Ski already has.

Scumbags trap another victim.

Scumbags trap another victim.


Upon his return to the beach the tourist is confronted by the owner who points out the damage. The owner calls his partners in crime over to witness the damage and demands that the tourist pay for the damage to the Jet Ski, maybe 60,000 baht

The tourist protest his innocence, the jet ski owner gets very angry and threatens the tourist with intimidation, weapons, violence, even death, for the money, a supposed police officer is called to the aid of the “hard done by” jet ski owner, and a guy turns up who may or may not be a policeman, but looks kind of like one, who is in on the scam and is in for a cut of the proceeds, he tries to broker a deal, a cash settlement on the spot and may reduce the 60,000 baht down to a much lower, but still unreasonable amount of 15,000 baht, if unsuccessful he will escort the tourist to the police station to be interviewed, and the outcomes are never good.

Negotiations begin,let's start at 60,000 Baht

Negotiations begin,let’s start at 60,000 Baht



The whole scene is ugly, loud and dramatic and usually a large crowd gathers to watch the daily ritual of a tourist being extorted for money in a public area.

This shows the little Thai mafia wannabes their true colours and Thai Tourism and hospitality at its worst!

Tourists are visibly shaken and upset by the experience, their money gone and their holiday destroyed.

Don’t be a victim!

Don’t rent a jet ski!

Scumbags relax while tourist talk money with police.

Scumbags relax while tourist talk money with police.


Another holiday destroyed.

Another holiday destroyed.


Scumbag 1.  What a friendly looking fellow.

Scumbag 1. What a friendly looking fellow.


Scumbag 2.  I.Q. = 30. Thai Neanderthal

Scumbag 2. I.Q. = 30. Thai Neanderthal


Got the money, let's go celebrate(on motorbike. Undamaged jet ski's speed off in the background.

Got the money, let’s go celebrate (on motorbike). Undamaged jet ski’s speed off in the background.



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