Bin packing when out drinking, is a common scam at bars and A go go’s, it is the addition of extra drinks bills charged to your account that are packed into your bin or padded into your bin that you did not order.

It is very hard to prove that the bill is not right at the end of the drinking session, since you did not point out the mistake when it occurred and can often lead into a heated argument that you cannot win and which you will end up having to pay anyway.

What is a bin?

When you go to a bar and order a drink, the hostess will come back with your order and place the bill in a “bin”, a small container not unlike a large wooden cup or container. With every drink you buy, the bill is either updated or another bill is added to the bin. The bin can fill up quickly some times and unless you can do maths in your head, fast, then you are lost and you just have to take it on faith that everything is in order and you are not being taken advantage of by being over charged.

Maybe the room is dark, maybe your having a good time and are not paying attention, maybe you just trust the honesty of the venue and staff, the fact is mistakes can be made with your drinks bill and if you don’t pick up on it straight away, you won’t have a leg to stand on when it comes time to pay, which can be very expensive, and let me tell you, some places charge 5 – 7 times the amount for a drink that you can buy right next door at the 7/11, I have been charge $5 for a small glass of half flat coke that, was more ice than coke, at ago go’s.


So with each bill you get for a drink, check it for the correct amount and sort out any errors straight away.



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